New Plot Enhancement

Strategy for Expansion Plots

Many of the gardeners at the High Plain expansion are noticing pale leaves, poor growth, low germination of seeds sown, and general lack of vigor in their plots. These are signs of poor nutrient uptake. Here is a 3 part strategy to address this regardless of what crop you are growing.

Step 1: Purchase an organic liquid fertilizer e.g. fish or seaweed emulsion. We recommend Neptune’s Harvest but there are several choices out there. You want liquid for this first step because the plant leaves will absorb nutrients immediately. Follow instructions for mixing with water if required, then water each plant directly. This type of fertilizer can be used every time you water.

Step 2: Purchase an organic granular all purpose fertilizer, for example Espoma Garden Food. Distribute this throughout your entire plot as directed on the product label avoiding direct contact with foliage. Then you can lightly scratch the granules into the surface for better absorption. This is a slow acting remedy that should be applied every 4 weeks.

Step 3: Purchase bagged organic topsoil/garden soil (not container soil). Concentrate on side dressing your plants individually or between rows with 1-2 inches of soil. No need to work this in.