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Community Workday

The next community workday will be September 18th, 10 am to noon (with September 19th as the rain day).

Beware the Squash Bug

The squash bug is a pest of squash and pumpkin plants and can cause young plants to wilt and die. The female lays clusters of orange eggs on the underside of leaves. These hatch first into light grey nymphs (shown here) and finally into mature bugs. The best strategy is to regularly inspect the underside of the leaves of your plants for eggs and then remove and crush the eggs. Nymphs and adults can be killed by dropping into soapy water. For more details, read these articles:

Remember only organic pesticides can be used in the community garden.

Viki's Advice Corner

Hello Gardeners and welcome to astronomical Fall.

It's hard to believe another garden season is nearly over. But take heart: our first frost date (one night time temp below 32F) in Andover is October 16. That means we have another 30+ days to grow. Radishes, many baby greens, arugula are cold resistant and mature in this short time frame. Our official garden closure is October 30 so grow on!

I am happy to report that many plants in the expansion side have recovered quite well after a slow start. Many tomato varieties survived the blight. Beans, eggplant, some winter squashes, bitter melon, all kales, Asian greens, tomatillos, and peppers are flourishing not to mention beautiful annual flowers (except the sunflowers️). Cut them and bring home for a bouquet and a taste of summer indoors.

I have received many inquires about growing garlic. The time to plant is before the ground freezes so I would recommend late October(garden closure weekend) up to mid-November. Garlic is the only perennial allowed to remain in individual plots over the winter. Organic garlic is available online or you can save a head of purchased organic garlic and divide the cloves per instructions on the following link:

If your energy and enthusiasm for the garden is waning as is our sunlight, growing garlic and planting spring bulbs will foster a renewed excitement when little green sprouts peek through the snow or frozen ground come March.

Stay safe and hope to see all October 30th.

We have seen a number of tomato hornworms at the High Plain Road garden. These large green caterpillars can quickly destroy your tomato plants, eating both leaves and fruit. They are hard to spot because they blend into the foliage, so look for eaten leaves and the caterpillar’s dark green droppings. Remove from the plant and use your feet to squash them (or drop them into soapy water). However if you see small rice-like grains on the back of a caterpillar, leave it alone. The grains are the cocoons of larvae of a braconid wasp that laid its eggs inside the caterpillar. When the adult wasps emerge from the cocoons, they kill the hornworm and look for other hornworms to prey on. You can read more about tomato hornworms here.

Photo by Yolanda Miller.

What's Growing Now

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Andover Community Garden broke ground the spring of 2016. Our Association members have since enjoyed five great years of wonderful yields.

Our mission is to educate our members about organic gardening and to provide opportunities to them so that they can grow and harvest vegetables, herbs and flowers within a welcoming community setting.

Garden plots are open to all residents of Andover and surrounding towns who join our Association. If all garden plots are taken, we keep a waiting list from which we accept new members on a first come, first serve basis. Each Association member contributes an annual plot fee to cover maintenance. Once rented you can plant up your plot with organic seeds and plants, and reap the produce of your own plot.

High Plain Road Garden

The main garden is located on the Virginia Hammond Reservation, on High Plain Road across from the leaf composting site and the dog park. The site has 65 plots of various sizes:

4 feet x 10 feet plot: $34

4 feet x 20 feet plot: $68

5 feet x 10 feet plot: $42.50

5 feet x 25 feet plot: $106.25

2021 rental fees are based on a rate of $0.85 per square foot.

We are filled up for the 2021 season! To request to be placed on the waiting list for 2022, please fill out this form.

Main Street Garden

Nestled behind the Andover Center for History and Culture in the heart of downtown Andover, this smaller garden has 11 plots:

5 feet x 20 feet plot: $85

5 feet x 10 feet plot: $42.50

2021 rental fees are based on a rate of $0.85 per square foot.

We are filled up for the 2021 season! To request to be placed on the waiting list for 2022, please fill out this form.